Man Gives His Girlfriend A Sponge Bath…In A River…In Front Of Tons Of People…And His GF Is A Blow-Up Doll

by 4 years ago

I can’t say for certain that this man is breaking any laws whatsoever, and even if there were laws being broken I’m not sure the police would even know which laws those are. Here we’ve got a man taking care of his gal. He’s giving his #1 lady a sponge bath down by the river. So what if people are watching him bathe his plastic xiaosan? Who cares if passersby are stopping to take pictures of the man as he scrubs down his dirty girl? And so what if the love of his life just so happens to be a plastic blow-up sex doll?!


Everyone needs to find love in life. Who are you to judge him for finding true love? Expand your mind, bro. Just because banging plastic blow-up dolls and washing them in a public river is taboo to you it doesn’t mean that on the other side of the world such an act could be considered completely normal…even if it’s not. Because it’s not. This is NOT normal. Nowhere on planet earth is it considered normal behavior to wash your plastic sex doll in a river with hundreds of people around watching you do it…All I’m saying is that it could be considered normal behavior.

For more images you can click on over to the Shanghaiist or the original source here.