Look How Many God Damn Cyber Attacks China Has Launched On America In The Past Five Years

by 4 years ago


It’s no secret that China is just hack hack hacking its way through the United States’ online infrastructure. But the scope and scale of the sustained cyber campaign has never been revealed before.

But a classified National Security Agency map obtained by BroBible (okay whatever NBC News (send me national security secrets, Bros, I’m sure some of you have government jobs)) shows just how widespread and frequent the digital attacks are.

Look at this shizzzz.


NBC News

From NBC:

Each dot represents a successful Chinese attempt to steal corporate and military secrets and data about America’s critical infrastructure, particularly the electrical power and telecommunications and internet backbone. And the prizes that China pilfered during its “intrusions” included everything from specifications for hybrid cars to formulas for pharmaceutical products to details about U.S. military and civilian air traffic control systems, according to intelligence sources.

You are looking at over 600 dots on that map. It’s easy to forget that every one of these intrusions is tantamount to an act of war. Imagine if all those were targeted bombings damaging physical infrastructure, like say bridges or power plants.

There’d be fucking hell to pay for that. And while I don’t want to go to war with China right now… Eh, you know what, fuck it. Let’s go to war with China. Those fuckers are hacking all our good stuff. It shall not stand.

Fuck China.