The Chinese Army Played With Swords In Below Zero Temps While Someone Took Pics Of Them

Confirmed: the Chinese Army is preparing to invade Russia. That is the only plausible explanation for the army taking their shirts off and playing with swords in below 0-degree fahrenheit temperatures while training in Heihe, in Northeastern China.

It’s the Winter weather that has stopped every army throughout history from successfully invading Russia, therefore China assumes if they train shirtless in the snow (with swords) they’ll be able to brave the inhospitable Russian temperatures. What I don’t understand though is why the Chinese Army thinks that saber swords will be useful in battle (in 2015).

Here’s some footage of the troops training in below zero temperatures:

From the DailyMail UK:

These soldiers are so focused that there is not a goosebump in sight – despite the training taking place in -20C conditions.
The Chinese frontier soldiers are taking part in a the ancient practice of sabre play, which is used to improve balance, instill discipline and cultivate a soldiers’ practical combat ability on the battlefield.
The crew could be seen doing a full practice drill wearing nothing but combat trousers and trainers while kneeling in shin-deep snow in Heihe, northeast China.
The enduring routines incorporate movements that are said to be swift, overwhelming and powerful and quick in both attack and defence.
Used in daily training, the movements, involving swords and flags, are said to balance the development of the muscles and improve the health and ability of the body’s organs.

Nope: they’re planning to invade Russia.

Editor’s Note: There is NO reason to use swords in war in 2015. None at all. I don’t care what you say.

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