Chipotle Is Giving Away FREE BURRITOS And All You Have To Do Is Text This Number Today

Bros. Bros! Bros!!!

In an attempt to restore its public image to its former, burrito-indulging-without-worrying-about-E.coli glory, Chipotle is closing all of its restaurants today, Monday, for safety meetings with managing staff. Sucks, because that means you can’t get Chipotle today.

HOWEVER, the burrito magnate isn’t about to leave its cherished eaters out in the cold, no.

Instead, Chipotle is offering coupons for a FREE BURRITO today and today only, and all you have to do is text “raincheck” to 888-222.

Seriously. This is not a scam, as one of my skeptical friends thought when I sent out a mass group text soon as I had found out about the offer (and claimed it for myself, of course).

As you can see, this offer is very real, and comes straight from Chipotle’s website. Their CEO might’ve heeded my advice, to be honest. Was calling for the Free Burrito Movement months ago!

You’re damn right I’m going all-in with the toppings when I use this coupon.

Enjoy your free burritos, Bros!

[via Chipotle]