If You Know Someone Against Hunting Tell Them To Watch This Talk From Chris Pratt Right Now

Much like life, hunting often is not about the kill, it’s about the experience of being out in nature. This is one thing that people who don’t engage in outdoors sports will never understand, whether it’s hunting or fishing, it’s never only about chasing after that trophy.

It’s about those moments when you’re so far removed from the daily grind that you’re able to really assess the world around you, and know that you’re just a tiniest blip on the radar of life. You might be stalking that buck of a lifetime, but even if you come home empty-handed the time you spent outdoors that day was probably the best day you had that year. And this is something that the anti-hunting crusade does not comprehend.

Chris Pratt was recently on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show and I’ve never heard an actor or celebrity speak so eloquently about hunting, I couldn’t wait to share it with you bros. Because he speaks about it in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand, whether or not they’re against the killing of animals. So if you know someone who’s anti-hunting consider sharing this with them and maybe it’ll at least give them a new perspective:


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