Didn’t Get Your Christmas Package? Blame UPS? (Or Maybe Amazon!)

UPS was nothing but apologetic to the people who ordered their gifts two days before Christmas, via CNN:

In a statement, the company explained that “the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network immediately preceding Christmas so some shipments were delayed.”

“We know how hard it is for everyone to receive their holiday packages, and we're working around the clock to resolve this issue,” Black said.

Behind the scenes, perhaps — but UPS stuck to its plan to make no deliveries on Christmas, angering some customers.

“Thanks for totally screwing us AND lying about it all day,” Mo Husseini posted on Twitter. He was responding to a UPS tweet in which the company vowed “every effort to get packages to their destination.


Meanwhile, Amazon is also angry with UPS for ruining its shipping guarantee. As compensation, the company is offering its angry customers gift cards and shipping refunds.

Hmm. Amazon is angry at UPS? UPS can't handle shipping loads anymore? LET THE AGE OF THE DRONE BEGIN.

[H/T: CNN, Betabeat; Mailman image via Shutterstock]

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