This Christmas Tree Made From 428 Empty Kegs Is The New Mecca For Bros Worldwide

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// year, Genesee Brewing Co. in Rochester, New York garnered a sleigh full of attention (you guys see what I did there? Sleigh-full because of Christmas and stuff. Whatever) for building a Christmas tree made from 300 kegs and the blood, sweat and tears of bros in the Greater New York area. Actually, there was no blood shed but the cliché is incomplete if I omit blood. Tears were shed because the masterpiece was so goddamn beautiful.

Feeling the pressure to go above and beyond this year, Genesee Brewing Co. added over 120 kegs to their original creation, amounting to 11 keg layers which now stands at 26 feet tall.

The brewery held its own tree-lighting ceremony on Thursday where everyone in attendance was also lit. See: these guys.

The keg tree is rocking and rolling! Happy Holidays!

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