The CIA Live Tweeted The Osama Bin Laden Raid As If It Were Happening Today To Mark 5th Year Anniversary

Five years ago tomorrow, a group of U.S. Navy Seals directed by the CIA raided bin Laden’s hideout compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan shooting dead the founder and head of Al-Qaeda–the Islamist group responsible for the U.S. embassy bombings, the September 11 attacks, and an endless number of lone wolf operations around the globe.

The killing of the world’s most wanted man not only eliminated him as a symbolic mascot to his followers, but the trove of intelligence gathered during the raid likely directly affected the dismantling of Al-Qaeda’s high-profile figures. U.S. intelligence officials claim to have killed half of al-Qaida’s top 20 leaders in raids and attacks by armed drones in the year following the raid.

In honor of the 5th year anniversary of a day you or I will never forget, the CIA has live-tweeted the event as if it were happening today. It reads as an American locker room speech.

But before they begin, they give us some juicy details on the background of the operation. Foreplay.

Note: If your Patriotic boner lasts more than four hours, congratulations, it’s working.

BRB, need to do a little landscaping.

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