This Sex Addict Claims To Have Slept With Over 140 Men From 30 Countries And Kept Scorecards For Each One

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If you found out that someone you’d slept with made a scorecard that ranked your performance you’d probably be pissed, yeah? But only if you were ranked as “Boring” or if they gave your looks a 3/10. If there’s one thing people love it’s being told that they’re great in bed, so if your own scorecard said you were hung like a horse and nailed away like a pro then you probably wouldn’t complain.

Unfortunately, not everyone on Sandy Nardo’s list would be happy with how she rated their performance.

Sandy Nardo, 53, from Dublin, rates married men, threesomes and even her ex husband in a spree of random romps after lose her virginity aged 19 to an Italian musician.

A sex addict mum who has racked up 140 notches on her bedpost remembers every single one – because she keeps them on a SCORECARD.

Sandy Nardo, 53, gives each bloke a mark for ’emotional state, sex or kissing, looks, solvency and duration’…

Self-confessed sex addict Sandy said: “There have been 140 so it would be easy to forget.
“I wanted to remember them all – even the rubbish ones.

Via Mirror

While most people aren’t able to explore the globe at their leisure, Sandy was lucky enough to be working as a burlesque dancer and translator which required her to travel around the world. However, nowhere in her job requirements was “Bone as many people as possible and then rank them on a scorecard” listed.

The men were all secretly marked out of ten for their talents, their looks, their wealth and the length of the encounter.
She also gave them a code for their ’emotional state’ – E for ‘eucky’, B for bored, Y for yum and F for fun.

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Sandy has now retired from her sex addict ways in order to care for her mother who is currently suffering from dementia (probably self-induced, considering that she’s stuck with Sandy as a daughter). Despite her mother’s ailments, every now and then Sandy flips through he diary to relive her “glory” days.

Can you imagine your mom pulling something like this? Yes? No? Either way I know you just sat down and thought about it for at least a few seconds, so congratulations on picturing what is probably the grossest thing you’ll think about all day.

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