The New ‘Clash Royale’ Game Is Everything Great That Was Missing From ‘Clash Of Clans’

Supercell, the game studio behind the absurdly successful ‘Clash of Clans’ (been top grossing on Apple’s App store since 2012..) dropped another massive, destined for domination online multiplayer tower-defense game for iOS (sucks to be part of the Android flock) yesterday, ‘Clash Royale.’ Just 12 hours after official activation ‘Clash Royale’ is already sitting fine and fucking pretty at the top of the App Store download chart. ‘Clash Royale’ represents a bit of a 180 for Supercell in terms of the game style, but how exactly?

Well look back at other earlier games from the company, like ‘Clash of Clans’ which operate off a model where players build up their bases, farms, kingdoms, whatever and on an asynchronous (dissimilar rate) timeline. With ‘Clash of Royale’ everything’s cast in real-time amidst 1-on-1, high intensity duels. The final effect: even more addicting and competitive than established titans of the app game kingdom like ‘Clash of Clans’ or ‘Boom Beach.’

The quick rundown of how you and your bros can play this game is as follows: on a playing field that features a tower defense kind of system you can play against one another (or AI) using a deck-and-card system to cast spells, deploy units—simple click and flick interface for snagging cards–take down your opponent’s two towers, and then go for the final building for a savage barrage of blows on their health. The games are limited to three minute total rounds, so the pace keeps at a quick ‘n dirty, back-n-forth rate.

I mean look at that trailer: I think we can all agree it’s about fucking time for Supercell to consider taking a very serious crack at producing their own show. I’d fuck with that on lazy hungover Sundays as a change up from the typical cold pizza Cartoon Network routine, for sure. Every trailer, 30-seconds or a couple minutes, is spot-on firemoney gold.

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