If It Seems Like Those Claw Machine Games Are Rigged, That’s Because THEY ARE And Here’s Proof

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claw machine game rigged

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Claw machine games are notorious for two things: (1) kids (and Jim Carrey) climbing inside of them and getting themselves stuck, and (2) for being a complete and total ripoff.

If you’ve ever tried to win something playing (is that even the word?) one of those damn claw machines you know how much it loves to just gobble up quarter after quarter until you’re just jamming your whole wallet in the slot screaming, “Just take ALL my damn money you evil bastard machine of torture!” Or something to that effect.

Well, now all of our conspiracy theories about the claw machine being rigged have been proven to be true thanks to this video by Vox below.

In it we find out that the machines actually calculate how many times it takes for someone to play in order for the owner to make money before it finally decides to utilize the FULL power of the claw. So if it seems like the claw doesn’t even have enough power to lift the prize you want, that’s because it DOESN’T!

But that’s not even the worst part!

They can actually program the machine to “almost” get you your prize only to drop it at the last second taunting you and making you think that if you just drop in a few more quarters you’ll finally win. Which is of course exactly what they want.

So evil.

H/T 22 Words; Claw machine image by Shutterstock

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