Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan’s Dope L.A. Pad Can Be Yours For A Cool $12.9 Million, So Who Wants To Go In With Me?

Remember last summer how much drama surrounded the Los Angeles Clippers’ pursuit to re-sign athletic center DeAndre Jordan, who was toying with leaving to bolt for the Dallas Mavericks? Jordan ended up staying in L.A. by inking a four-year, $88 million deal, meaning he now has plenty of cash to play around with.

Turns out one way DeAndre’s spending his new millions is by upgrading his crib, as he’s listing his current, Pacific Palisades home for an insane $12.9 million—and it looks like it’s worth every, fucking penny.

Jordan just finished building the house he’s listing back in September, which is within walking distance of dunking teammate Blake Griffin, and it includes three-stories, has 10,500-square-feet of living space, a home theater with 130-inch screen and stadium seating, seven bedrooms and 10 baths, with a basketball court, putting green, garden with a waterfall, and, oh yeah, a hidden room that requires a thumbprint for entry.

I really want to know why DJ’s selling this place?

Sounds about the best fucking place a bro could have, if you ask me—so who’s interested in splitting this place with me?

[H/T L.A. Times]

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