This Cockatoo Bird Will Teach You How To Curse Like A Sailor In The Greatest Profanity Rant Ever

So I saw this video yesterday as it was making the rounds (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc) but I never got around to clicking because I couldn’t figure out why a video titled ‘how to fix a round cage’ would be interesting at all. Well, it turns out the fixing of the round cage is just the subplot of this amazing video, it’s actually about a cockatoo unleashing a tirade of profanity so amazing it might even make a drunken sailor blush.

This angry cockactoo manipulates the English language in ways I’ve never imagined, and suddenly I find myself sitting here and wondering if I should buy an Australian Cockatoo myself. How fucking amazing would it be to have an Aussie bird living in your house full time, a bird that’d rip every guest to shreds any time they walked in the door? Don’t believe me, just click play and you’ll see what I mean, this bird is the fuckin’ man:

Take notes, bros, because this cockatoo knows how to curse up a storm. However, try as you might but it’s still unlikely that you’ll ever have the profane skills to match this bird. Also, this just just further proof that the Australian Cockatoo is the King of all Birds.

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