Caffeinated Alcoholics Rejoice! Coffee Prevents Liver Cancer

All drinkers are at risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver, but a new new study found that those who consume coffee are less at risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (Liver cancer). From the AGA Institute: 

From this meta-analysis, the risk of HCC is reduced by 40% for any coffee consumption vs no consumption. The inverse association might partly or largely exist because patients with liver and digestive diseases reduce their coffee intake. However, coffee has been shown to affect liver enzymes and development of cirrhosis, and therefore could protect against liver carcinogenesis.

The study covered 16 years of data, finding that the more you coffee you consume, the less at risk you are. Those who consumed three cups a day were 50% less at risk. Woo Hoo! Irish coffees are on me. 

[H/T Kinja Front Page