Hero Students Brought So Many Tortillas To Chipotle’s Asian Spinoff That They Put A Burrito On The Menu For Them

College kids really don’t affect change. They’re so far up their own asses that they certainly believe they can, but for every protest aimed at their school’s dining hall for having the vegan entrees too close to the vegetarian entrees, there are actually like literally six-and-three-quarter billion other people on this planet doing real shit to shape the world.

That said, some college students in Washington, D.C. just made a difference.

They got ShopHouse Asian Kitchen to add a burrito to its menu.

That’s making the world a better place.

For those of you not in the know, ShopHouse is Chipotle’s Asian-inspired spinoff, and it is delicious.

Yet, despite all its excellence, it doesn’t have a burrito on its menu. Some may say that’s because burritos are indigenous(ish) to North America and have nothing to do with the flavors of Thailand and Vietnam.

But college students said fuck that, so hard, and brought their own tortillas, asking the staff to wrap their bowls.

The staff obliged. From Washingtonian:

A while back, the team at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen started to get some odd requests: Georgetown students would bring in their own tortillas to the Chipotle spinoff, and ask the staff to wrap their food in them.

“We didn’t even have foil or anything, so we’d just be like… OK. We’re in the business of pleasing people,” says Tim Wildin, Chipotle’s director of concept development.

It happened so much, Chipotle’s food lead gave it a taste.

Eventually, Wildin tried the menu hack, and decided it was actually pretty good. So a few weeks ago, ShopHouse began officially offering burritos, er, wraps at its original Dupont Circle location. The new menu item is just a trial run for now, but depending on how it sells–and whether it causes customers to return more frequently–it could eventually roll out to other shops.

Right now, ShopHouse is using the exact same tortillas as Chipotle, but Wildin says they’re also experimenting with a roti wrap if the dish proves popular


[Via Washingtonian]