College Dropout Who Killed And Dismembered His Parents For Cutting Off His Allowance Looks Totally Sane In His Mugshot

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It looks like Danny Tamberelli from Pete and Pete has really fell off the wagon.

The Tamberelli doppelgänger’s real identity is 28-year-old Joel Michael Guy Jr. Guy, from Baton Rouge, has been accused of stabbing and dismembering his parents over the Thanksgiving weekend at their Tennessee home.

After he brutally stabbed them to death, he attempted to dissolve their bodies in an acid solution consisting of drain cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, sewer line cleaner and other chemicals, per the Advocate.

Tennessee deputies found the couple’s bodies scattered across several rooms of their home outside of Knoxville on Monday afternoon after his mother’s coworkers reported she’d not showed up to work. Deputies entered to find a “horrific, very gruesome crime scene” as well as signs of a struggle.

Although the exact motive for Guy killing 55-year-old Lisa Guy and 61-year-old Joel Guy Sr. remains unclear, it is believed that they were planning on cutting their son off financially, as they had been paying his bills while he lived in Baton Rouge and were “in the process of encouraging him to fend for himself.”

Dude, where’d your chin run off to?

Guy is believed to have attended LSU before dropping out last year and was allegedly in college for NINE years. He was supposedly studying to be a plastic surgeon before becoming a murderer. On top of that, the 28-year-old had recently been laid off from an engineering job in Knoxville.

Dual Yelverton, who lives in the apartment next to Guy’s, described his former neighbor “very reclusive.”

“He never really acknowledged us,” Yelverton said. “He’d take his trash out and that’s it.”

I’d shuffle through that trash just to make sure there aren’t any other dead bodies in there. Just a thought.

[h/t the Advocate]


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