Meet The 21-Year-Old College Dropout Who Makes $115,000 A MONTH Working One Hour A Day As A Self-Taught Stock Broker

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Looks like the American dream is alive and well in London, bros.

Just ask 21-year-old college dropout Elijah Oyefeso, who is raking in $115,000 A MONTH ($30,000 to $40,000 on his worst months) as a self-taught stock broker.

According to Mirror, The Londoner used the money from his student loans to invest, creating a money mountain that has allowed him to purchase a $7,000 a month flat in an upscale west London neighborhood of Kensington.

You may expect that making boatloads of money may require long days of manning the ship–but you would be wrong. Elijah Oyefeso claims that after his fortune changed, he now only works ONE HOUR A DAY.

The 21-year-old dropped out of a business management program at University of Buckingham to start investing with cash and in just nine months was early thousands in the stock market.

But boys will be boys, even if they are rich–as Elijah reportedly made headlines for crashing his $220,000 Lambourghini into his other $90,000 Bentley, leaving him with a $70,000 repair bill.

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