College Girls Discussed Sex On The First Date And The Mistakes That Will Definitely Ruin Your Chances

YouTube - StupidCupid

Our man on the street, the collegiate street, over at StupidCupid, is back with more questions for college girls where their answers could be very useful to a bro someday.

First, our bro asked college girls what makes a guy attractive and we gleaned some very valuable dating intel.

He followed that one up by asking them how long foreplay should last and to be honest I think I am more confused than ever.

Today, however, the responses the ladies gave to their opinions about sex on the first date, as well as what will definitively ruin a guy’s chances are a tad bit clearer. I think.

Key takeaway for me? Be nice to the waiter. Girls seem to like that. Other than that, I don’t know, women are so confusing. Maybe you’ll learn something more.