College Girls Were Asked What Makes A Guy Attractive And Some Of Their Answers Might Surprise

college girls what makes guy attractive

YouTube - WhatWomenWant

We’re always on the lookout for ways to help our fellow bros when it comes to succeeding with the opposite sex. Mostly because none of us men really have any idea what women are thinking at any given time.

So when women voluntarily share information that might be of use to us when it comes to scoring a date we tend to pay attention.

And that’s precisely the case here today as one gentleman was nice enough to just flat-out ask some college girls what things about a man do they find attractive?

The women mentioned some obvious things like hair, outfit, and they really seem to be into arm muscles.

However, things like confidence and the way a guy presents himself also play a big part. Apparently some women think that if a guy knows he’s good-looking he’ll be full of himself, so I guess there is a fine line between confidence and cocky.

Check out the very educational video below and get ready to take a few notes.

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