Colorado Dad Tries To Make Duels Great Again By Challenging His Daughter To A Shoot-Out With Guns


There was a time in this great nation when instead of waste of time discourse, people ended quarrels by challenging your opponent to a duel and then shooting them dead. Even sitting Vice President Aaron Burr was a fan of duels, and shot dead former United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in 1804 duel. Duels are efficient, time-saving and curtails overpopulation. However, over time our society has evolved away from duels. But one nostalgic father is bringing duels back and isn’t even afraid to challenge his own family members to a shoot-out.

We take you to El Paso County, Colorado where 37-year-old Robert Williams had a domestic dispute with his wife and went so far as to pull a gun on her. The couple’s daughter took umbrage with her dad’s maltreatment of her mother. The father then invited his own daughter to a gunfight. He instructed her to grab a gun so that they may have a duel to the death. This is definitely a parenting tip that I have not seen in any of the mommy blogs.

The daughter did indeed get a gun and fire a shot at her dear ole dad, but she missed. The wife and daughter fled the home, as Williams went to a shed to get a shotgun, which he pointed at his wife. The wife then grabbed a rifle and took her children to a neighbor’s house, where she called 911. I wonder what it’s like to live on an armory.

Robert has been charged with two counts of felony menacing, prohibited use of a weapon and child abuse.



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