Heckler Gets Destroyed By Comedian At Show Because She Just Didn’t Know When To Quit

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Let’s cover this again, for the hundredth time, buying a ticket to a comedy show DOES NOT MAKE YOU PART OF THE SHOW. You don’t buy a ticket to an MLB game thinking Terry Collins will ask you to pinch run or a ticket to a Stones concert thinking “any minute Keith is going to ask me to cover for him.”

Stand-up comedy is not participatory unless the comic directly asks you a question. This lady just doesn’t get it and comedian Steve Hofstetter had to put her in her place. Hofstetter has just a little bit of experience with hecklers, and comedy, as proven in his Reddit AMA.

More about me – I’ve been a redditor for 8 years, and a professional comedian for 14. I started doing improv when I was 13 (23 years ago).

I was collegehumor.com’s first writer, and last baseball season I was the senior comedy correspondent for Fox Sports. I have done a bunch of TV shows and just filmed a part in my second movie. And I’m the host of Major League Podcast, where I ask professional baseball players uncomfortable questions like “What’s it like to be traded for a player to be named later?”.

I tour as much as I can, and I produce comedy shows around the states. Here’s free tickets.

If you want to know what my comedy is like, I have my latest special on YouTube for free.

I also run The Martin Grant, a scholarship for up and coming comedians named in memory of my father.

Yeah, wrong guy lady. Just finish your drink and go home and pretend none of this happened.

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