Comedian Has Epic Rant About How 20-Something Millennials Aren’t Nearly As Terrible As Old People Make Them Out To Be

It’s pretty in vogue to make fun of millennials for being millennials. This a defense mechanism made up by old people about a generation of Americans that’s bigger in population than baby-boomers or any other demographic. And hyper-observant millennials like to get in on the fun in jest, too. Like me! Just look at this douchecanoe holding a trophy he did earn! *pounds fists on chest while barking*

Despite the never-ending onslaught of media trend pieces about how dumb 20-something millennials are, things really aren’t as bad as they seem. In fact, since humans started walking on two feet millions of years ago, every generation of lame old people feels threatened when a younger generation disrupts the status quo. As German Lopez at Vox notes, millennials are only perceived as entitled and self-centered because every single young generation since the beginning of time has been perceived as entitled and self-centered by their superiors.

Adam Conover — once of College Humor fame, now the star of TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything — points that out perfectly in a keynote at a millennial marketing conference.

If you’re sick of constantly hearing how stupid your generation is, check it out.

Then again, we as a society are seriously considering putting Donald Trump in public office, with a lot of millennial support behind his candidacy.

Maybe we are as dumb as we seem.

[H/T: Vox]

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