Here Are The Meanings Behind Several Of The Most Common Sex Dreams

Here Are The Meanings Behind The Most Common Sex Dreams


  • If you ever find yourself dreaming about sex, you’re certainly not alone
  • Experts have determined the meaning behind some of the most common scenarios
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Ever wondered what the most common sex dreams are, and more importantly, what they mean? If so, today is your lucky day.

Who among us hasn’t woken up after a sex dream and wondered, “What in the hell was that all about? Do I really want to have sex with my postal carrier?” Or something… I’m just using that as an example. Shut up.

Anyway, the point is, that the answer is almost assuredly no. (Unless that person is like totally hot, then all bets are off.)

According to Ian Wallace, a dream psychologist and author of The Top 100 Dreams: The Dreams That We All Have and What They Really Mean, “All dreams, even sex dreams, can be easily connected to things going on in your life. And every character in your dream represents a small snippet of your own personality.”

The folks over at Everyday Health expand on that further…

Wallace explains it like this: When someone pops up in your sex dream, it doesn’t necessarily imply you want to be intimate with this person. Instead, he or she probably possesses some admirable personality trait (such as leadership skills, kindness, or a flair for fashion) that you recognize in yourself but haven’t yet fully developed. “Showing off your talents and traits requires that you open up and become vulnerable and exposed,” says Wallace — just like sex (which is why your snoozing psyche converts it into this extremely intimate act).

Psychologist Gillian Holloway, PhD, agrees: On her dream interpretation Web site, she explains that while some sex dreams may simply be “wish fulfillment” (you probably won’t be able to score with this person in real life, so you resort to your dreams), sex dreams are usually more complex, reflecting your own personal desires and fears.

Got it? Good.

Now here are what some of the most common sex dreams might actually mean…

Sex With Your Boss

“Sure, you may be sexually attracted to your boss,” says Wallace. “But if you’re having sex with him in a dream, your subconscious is probably becoming aware of your own ability to make decisions and act as a leader.”

Sex With Your Friend

“People often tell me, ‘I have a friend. He’s ugly; he kind of smells — but I keep dreaming about sex with him. Am I mad?” Quit the worrying. He probably has some talent (his karaoke skills?) that your subconscious is working to develop.

Sex With Your Crush

“It’s easy to assume this means you want to have sex with that person,” says Wallace. “But you’re actually being drawn to one of his emotional or spiritual qualities.”

Sex With A Celebrity

“Even though a romp in the hay with Jennifer Aniston or Denzel Washington may sound like a dream come true, your psyche is simply recognizing a talent you have in common with the star.”

Sex With Your Ex

If you’re dreaming about an ex-lover, it could mean that you’re unknowingly repeating bad habits from your failed relationship. Consider this type of sex dream a red flag.

Sex With A Stranger

“When people have sex dreams about strangers, the unknown person is often wearing a mask or has no face,” says Wallace. Who is this mysterious intruder? It’s just your subconscious telling you to unmask that talent you’ve been hiding.

Sex With A Family Member

Wallace insists it’s completely normal. And once again, it all boils down to your kin’s character. If your dad, sister, or great uncle has some trait that you admire or recognize in yourself, watch out: You may just end up in bed with them … in your dreams, of course.

For an even more in-depth look at this topic, head on over to Everyday Health.

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