Company Says Their Flying Car Will Hit Markets In Two Years, And Burn Cruises Are Going To Be Next Level

Slovakian company AeroMobil gave us a technology boner last year when they let us in on a sneak peak of their flying car prototype, the AeroMobile 3.0.

The company has since announced that the vehicle could go from prototype to consumer vehicle in just two years, aka you could be driving a fucking airplane before you pay off your student loans.

From AeroMobile’s website:

As a car it fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car. As a plane it can use any airport in the world, but can also take off and land using any grass strip or paved surface just a few hundred meters long.

Here are some characteristics of this futuristic beast:

Seats: 2
Top Speed: 124 mph
Min. Speed: 37 mph
Take off Speed: 81 mph
Construction: Steel framework and carbon coating
Fuel Range: 435 miles

I want one. But some are skeptical. Matt Novak of Paleofuture said that he would “literally eat the sun if this flying car is released by 2017”.  Which means we could be witnessing two of the coolest things in History within two years.

Although they have backing from the European Union, AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik says the company needs to acquire more cash to mass produce.

I don’t care what technical and regulatory hurdles they may be facing, when these fuckers come out, I’m getting one. I just got to call my dad for $300,000.

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