Dickbag In Company Van Cuts Off Bro, Bro Gets Revenge By Buying Company Website And Using It To Trash Them

According to the website ridgelinefasciareplacement.co.uk, on May 20th 2015 the Bro of our story was driving along with his two children when an employee for Ridgeline Fascia Replacement, driving in a company van, decided to drive “dangerously close behind me, swerving outwards and back in.” Our Bro says that he had to hit the emergy brake while simultaneously blaring his car horn, both of which resulted in his children hurting themselves due to the sudden stop. You’d think the story would end there with a simple case of “Fuck you!”‘s exchanged, but we’re just getting warmed up here:

Of course, we all come across dick heads on the road but it gets worse….When I caught up to them further down the road at lights, they chose to take it a step further by taunting and laughing at almost causing an accident, before then almost causing another two accidents…

Luckily for us, Bro has a dash cam fitted to the front of his car and was able to catch everything on video:

… Note in the video how he has to slam on and swerve – almost swerving into the side of my car – through not paying any attention to the road. He nevertheless then proceeded to drive as close as possible to the rear of my car before swerving again in an attempt to undertake me (and consequently nearly driving into the side of another car – funnily enough the same car that was in front of me in the first video). Its just a shame I don’t yet have a rear facing camera.

Pissed off and with his video footage in tow, Bro phoned the company to report their driver and describe how he had not only almost caused an accident but had also inadvertently injured one of Bro’s children. However, the receptionist who picked up the phone said that they would “chat to the lads” and then told Bro that he was “being a dick” upon mention that his dash cam footage would be submitted to police.

As I’m sure you can guess, that did NOT sit well with our Bro.

So here’s what he did, in his own words:

Dear Ridge Line Fascia Replacements.

Not only do I own a dash camera to film the crass and dangerous behaviour of your employees, I also happen to be a web developer for a large SEO company and unlucky for you, I had ten minutes spare this morning.

So for future reference, if your going to employ morons to drive vehicles with your company name splashed all over it, I would suggest that the website link on the side of your van matches your website otherwise some “dick” will buy the website that’s actually on the side of your van and use it for their own purposes.

For any potential customers – before you hire them, consider if you would want this man on the road, never mind on your property:

If their employee’s drive this dangerously, without caring about anyone else, ask yourself how are they going to behave on your roof?

That’s right — the website www.ridgelinefasciareplacement.co.uk, the same website they have plastered across their company vans, leads you to a website where our Bro mercilessly shits on the company. And no, there’s nothing Ridgeline can do about it — Bro purchased the domain name, the only thing they could do would be to buy it back from him.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

[Via Ridgeline Fascia Replacements]