Meet The Woman Who Has Allegedly Fleeced Men Out Of $200,000 After Emotionally Blackmailing Them On

Miranda Cameron Fake

I want to preface this by saying that if you assume the risk of sending large amounts of money to someone you’ve never met in person, you deserve to get burned. Just as if you’re stupid enough to send money to an African prince, you deserve financial ruin. In this particular case, some dudes lost more than tens of thousands of dollars, they lost their online lover. When it rains, it pours I guess.

The lady pictured about is Christy Dunn and Martha Cameron and Miranda Stinson. She has allegedly used all those names in scamming dudes she met on to the tune of $220,000 by emotionally blackmailing them.

According to The Sun, the woman uses “the promise of a relationship” and “finally threats” to fleece people out of their money. The con artist reportedly struck up a relationship with 43-year-old man from Manchester, England which lasted more than a year, screwing him out of six figures.


The woman is said to have told him she lived in the Bahamas and worked in South Africa. Cops believe she has connections to Botswana and London and is part of an organised crime syndicate operating in the UK.

One alleged victim has set up an extensive website named intended to warn people about this woman’s malicious intentions. The con artist has gotten men to send money for various reasons, from opening an art exhibit to hospital bills.

According to the website, here is a list of some of the things the lady has obtained money from lying about.

  • for an art exhibition she wanted to take part in South Africa – her friend failed to give her money for this.
  • for import duty at airport because of 40 paintings she took over – didnt inform SA customs she was taking things to sell to SA.
  • for framing her paintings for a sale, 25 paintings to frame in all.
  • for extras and spending money, food, hotel costs, shopping.
  • for assumed last day in SA but it appears that police were involved because I had given her money to pay a sale tax charge and for flights, but the person who she gave the tax money to, run off with tax money apparently.
  • So she had to get a lawyer involved and another ticket for the airport plus more money for the sales tax fine
  • Then more money was needed for her Hotel and longer stay and she had to book another flight because she missed her first two and pay the lawyer. She finally got a flight to Nassau.
  • Then finally last money was sent, she had to pay house tax which she forgot to pay, she was involved in a taxi accident on the 4th of December in Nassau (or claims to have been) and told me she was in St Marys hospital in Nassau, which does not exist.

Martha Cameron Fake

Detective Simon Da Cosa, speaking about one of her alleged victims, said

“We believe this scam is likely to be part of a wider criminal operation targeting lonely and vulnerable people online.

“We really need to find this woman, so if you have information about where she may be, or if you have also been a victim, please call us.”

Moral of the story: don’t be a con artist and but more importantly, don’t be the dude dumb enough to get duped by one.

[h/t The Sun]



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