Man Exposes The World’s Largest Conflict-Free Diamond Dealer As A Total Scam

There’s certainly something admirable about opting to purchase a supposed conflict-free diamond from Canada. The alternative is purchasing diamonds mined on the backs of laborers in war-torn regions of Africa, workers who are often forced to mine for diamonds at gunpoint or in the fear that their families will be hurt if they don’t comply. You saw Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, you know how fucked up that business is. So, yes, obviously conflict-free diamonds are a thousand times better.

As you’ll see above, it’s nearly impossible to track diamonds and to certify whether or not a diamond is conflict-free, and therein lies the problem. This YouTuber running the ‘I Want What It’s Worth’ channel exposes the world’s largest conflict-free diamond dealer as what appears to be a monumental scam. And they do so by tracking the distribution of diamonds both before and after purchasing and returning these supposed conflict-free diamonds from Canada.

If I were a customer who had shelled out extra $$$$$ and purchased one of these conflict-free diamonds from Canada I’d be pretty fucking ticked off right now. Because it’s obvious the supply chain isn’t tracked in a way that can confirm the diamonds are conflict-free and from Canada. The YouTuber was able to prove the certificate given to him.

If this video looks familiar, it’s because I shared another video with you bros from the ‘I Want What It’s Worth’ YouTube channel not too long ago. In that video, this same guy wore a hidden camera inside of NYC’s most prestigious diamond dealers to expose them all as bullshitters who charge at the ass for the exact same diamonds you can get at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. This dude’s out there doing the lord’s work, so throw him some views on YouTube and share it with your friends!

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