The World’s First Contemporary Art Exhibition For Dogs Is Like Disney World For Dogs (Games, Simulators, And More)

If you don’t like dogs then you should just peace out of here right now because this is an article for dog people, but if you do love dogs then get ready to board the ‘Feels Train’ because this art exhibit is friggin’ amazing. It’s the world’s first contemporary art exhibit built specifically for canines, it features a giant ball pit with balls designed to simulate kibble, it’s got a water exhibit for the pups to pounce in, and it’s even got a car simulator with windows and fans which allows our furry friends to feel like they’re riding in a car.

via YouTube:

MORE THAN has commissioned a unique art exhibition for dogs which renowned British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox has created for us. Wilcox’s interactive exhibits include ‘Cruising Canines’ – an open car window simulator, ‘Dinnertime Dreams’ – an oversized 10 foot dog bowl filled to the brim with hundreds of play balls to look like dog food, and ‘Watery Wonder’ – a series of dancing water jets that jump from one dog bowl to the next for dogs to chase. A selection of paintings and drawings created in a dog’s colour spectrum are also on display at the exhibition for the visiting dogs to enjoy.
The exhibition has been created as part of our #PlayMore campaign where we want to encourage owners to spend more time playing with their pet, while also inspiring them to find new ways to ensure they stay emotionally happy and physically healthy. What’s more if you take the #PlayMore Pledge to spend 15 minutes more a day with your pet and we’ll donate £1 to the RSPCA

Will I take my dog to this? No, I don’t live in Europe and don’t plan on taking my Bernese Mountain Dog on a 9-hour flight from Florida to Europe. Would I take my dog to this if it was here in Florida? Probably not. What this exhibit is missing is the ‘ice bar’ equivalent for dogs, where hairy ass pups can chill out and be ice cold. I do think this is the direction all art should be moving towards. Why are people spending hundreds of millions of dollars on statues when they could drop like ten thousand on an exhibit such as this and really make it glorious?

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