Meet The Contestants Of ‘Hunger Games’ Russian Survival TV Show Where Crimes Like Murder Are ‘Allowed’

by 2 years ago

In December, we learned about the Russian game show that went full “Hunger Games” and was a survival show that would not intervene if contestants committed crimes.

“Each contestant gives consent that they could be maimed, even killed,” the official advertisement for the show claims. “2000 cameras, 900 hectares and 30 lives. Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.”

However, just because committing heinous crimes are “allowed” does not mean that you can’t be arrested for carrying them out. “You must understand that the police will come and take you away,” the rules state. “We are on the territory of Russia, and obey the laws of the Russian Federation.” Plus there’s cameras everywhere so if you do commit a crime it is caught on video and seen by millions of people.

Now we get to meet some of the brave or insane contestants who will be competing in the crazy survival game show.

Oksana Shiganova, a 28-year-old from the Russian Arctic, said, “I am a professional blonde, a girl who loves dresses, manicures, and shopping. I love myself and will definitely not make it through the show without help. But this is what will make it so interesting to follow me.

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