This Guy Is So Good At Convincing His Girlfriends To Get Boob Jobs He Created A Manual To Help You Do It To


I don’t even know where to begin with this. I will admit that I’ll be pretty fucking jealous if Ivan LeCasque, the creator of this book, is making real money off this manual to convince your partner to get bigger boobs. According to his website, Implants4Her — dynamite name, by the way — it sounds like he’s had at least few happy customers. So maybe he is rolling in it.

Via Implants4Her:

Success Rate

Based on the feedback from our readers, they have a 90% success rate.

“Ivan, it’s been three weeks since I got your Manual and began my campaign. My wife has gone from ‘I’d only consider that after having kids’ to ‘will you pay for a new wardrobe if nothing fits?’ and ‘I just don’t want to look like a bimbo.’

“Holy Moly – less than 24 hours from getting the Manual to my Venezuelan wife calling surgeons and looking at photos on the internet with me. Ivan, I owe you one! I mean I owe you two!”

Twenty four hours. I’ve got news for that guy. If it only takes you 24 hours to convince your wife to get fake boobs, she probably already wanted them in the first place. Now she just has your blessing to pay for them. Perfect storm for her.

According to YouTube:

IVAN LeCasque loves big boobs – so much so that he has written a book teaching men how to convince their partners to get breast augmentations. The 59-year-old lives in Miami with his partner and co-author Victoria, 47 – who has had her bosom enhanced from 500cc to 1650cc over the course of their relationship. The Convince Her Manual has sold 3,500 copies globally – and Ivan is proud that only one customer has taken advantage of the money-back guarantee.

I don’t want my wife to get fake j’s, but I’m SO tempted to test the guidance from this manual on her. The only thing stopping me is the fear of her actually agreeing to it. I’d rather have the money in the bank than a wife with human head-sized tits.

Buy the manual here. Or don’t.