AMAZING Moment Cop Is Reduced To Tears After Joining A Group Praying For Peace

This grand country has been torn apart the last month over heartbreaking and troubling situations.

What we definitely don’t need is more mindless violence, divisiveness, or rage.

What we definitely do need more than anything right now is love, compassion, and unity.

The media is frothing at their jaws to show any kind of hate to boost their ratings, but they are unlikely to exhibit anything like the following video that features harmony, goodwill, and empathy.

On Monday, a small group was praying for peace just hours before the Republican National Convention commenced in Cleveland. A police officer noticed one man’s sign that said, “Love Your Neighbor.” He approached the group to commend their message and was welcomed into a group prayer for peace for the coming RNC.

The cop, who must have hate and disdain sent his direction from the tragic events of the past few weeks, was overwhelmed with emotion. The officer broke down in tears after the prayer, to which he was consoled by hugs.

We need a whole lot more of this to heal our wounded nation.