Cop Suspended For Selling Threesomes With Girlfriend On Escort Site While On Sick Leave – ‘As Filthy As You Want’

by 2 years ago

It’s always beneficial to have a side hustle, except when you’re a cop on sick leave and you’re using all that free time to sell sex and making some extra coin. That’s exactly what Daniel Moss and his Tracey Perryman girlfriend were doing until they got caught.

The 41-year-old British cop and his 38-year-old girlfriend were selling the service of providing threesomes on an escort site. Sussex Police have launched a probe into Moss, who could be disciplined or sacked for gross ­misconduct.

The ad said, “Me and my boyfriend were swingers prior to taking up escorting and we thought… ’Hey let’s give it a go, why not do something you love doing as a job?'” The listing said, “So here we are and I am here for your pleasure.” What go-getters.

The advertisement stated:

“Look at me and you’ll think I’m the girl next door, look at us as a couple and we’re a young energetic couple who you could pass on the street, get us in the bedroom and we can be as filthy as you want, as long as I get some cock I’m happy, and I’m happy to take requests.”

The couple were charging over $260 per hour for the threesome experience and were thought to have made thousands for their sensual side business.

The Sun booked a half-hour threesome last week (I need to do more investigative journalism for BroBible), and Tracey welcomed the customer inside. She called herself “Marie,” and led the prospective patron and introduced Moss by his real first name, Dan. After paying the fee the man was led to a bedroom where Tracey sprawled herself on the bed.

Moss said he was as “straight as they come,” but was willing to go gay for pay if that is what they want. He said, “Whatever pays the bills. She’s always pushed her boundaries, so, you can’t knock it til you’ve tried it is my adage.”

Looks like Moss believes in the mantra “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I still respect this entrepreneurial couple for their hustle.


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