Watch A Cop Try To Tackle A Sprinting Herd Of Topless Women And Then Immediately Faceplant Into A Wall

Look, I know you clicked this because you either enjoy:

A. Topless Women


B. Police fails,

but that doesn’t mean we can’t give this some context, right?

The topless women running down the street are members of FEMEN, a feminist activism organization, originally from the Ukraine, that fights against religious oppression, sex tourism, gender discrimination, and homophobia, among other grievances, but are best known on the Internet for their lack of clothing.

Police reportedly arrested at least 25 FEMEN protesters this weekend during a rally in support of fellow FEMEN member Iana Zhdanova, who was convicted for “sexual exhibitionism” in a French court on Oct. 15 for stabbing a wax statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a wooden stake while topless, with the words “Kill Putin” painted across her breasts.

Via Daily Dot

There, a little bit of knowledge never hurt anyone, did it? Now you can go watch your topless-lady-faceplanting-cop video knowing that you learned at least one new thing today. Maybe you can even use your new-found knowledge on FEMEN to strike up a conversation with a pretty little lady at a bar, except you probably shouldn’t because talking about a topless lady video you saw on the Internet is the best way to creep out girls and be forever alone.

Oh, and if you’re at the office you probably shouldn’t watch this since it’s obviously NSFW.

[H/T Daily Dot]