Cops On Horseback Stop Biker Doing Wheelies, Lay The British Smack Down



Clearly this biker wasn’t into the idea of a high-speed equine chase, because if he had chosen to he could have just busted a u-turn and been gone. But he didn’t, instead he chose to stay there after having been stopped by police on horseback, and take his hilariously British tongue lashing from the Bobbies.

So what we have here is a biker who thought it’d be a brilliant idea to light up a 20-MPH (kph?) speed zone and film himself doing wheelies with his helmet cam. The boys on horse wanted nothing to do with this devilish shenanigans and backed their horse butts into the street, creating a blockade.

I just love how matter-of-factly this cop calls the biker out on his shit:

Were you acting like a moron? Yes.
Were you speeding through this zone? Yes.
Were you endangering yourself and pedestrians? Yes.

Just sit back and enjoy this brilliantly British video of a cop who also happens to be a biker teaching a citizen that not every officer is naive:

via @JukinVideo


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