Something Massive Exploded In The Sky Over Russia And Obviously It’s A UFO



Something very large exploded in the night’s sky over the Sverdlovsk region of Russia and was caught on dash cam (because everyone in Russia has a dash cam).

After already watching this video I’m here to tell you that the only possible explanation is some sort of alien aircraft blowing up. That’s it, case closed.

As to the mystery of ‘why did an alien spaceship blow up over Russia?’ that answer is also obvious: it tried to fill up its fuel tank using vodka. It’s easy to mistake Russian vodka for rocket fuel, but as we can see here it’s an very costly mistake:

Let’s watch that once more in GIF, shall we?


And now that we’ve firmly established that it’s an alien aircraft explosion, here’s some alternate (and stupid) explanation from a person on Reddit claiming to be an astronomer:

Astronomer here! Probably too late for the party on this one, but this just looks like a particularly bright fireball meteor. These are actually not as rare as you would think- NASA has a network in the USA to look for them, for example.
Specifically, if I had to bet, today is the peak of the Leonid meteor shower. The Leonids are a strange beast of a shower whereby some years you get storms that produce thousands of meteors due to particularly dense debris, some years are years were nothing happens out of the ordinary. This was supposed to be one of the ordinary years (~10/hour from that- you get one meteor a minute just from normal debris) but that doesn’t mean you can have larger chunks as part of that 10/hour.


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