Today In Stupid (Albeit Useful) Information: This Is The Correct Way To Peel Sticky Notes So That They Don’t Curl Up

by 4 years ago

I’ll admit this video is stupid – stupid enough that I almost didn’t post it. But you know what? You’d be lying if you tried to tell me that when you pull your sticky notes off their pad that they don’t curl. They ALWAYS curl, and that’s apparently because you’re supposed to rip them off from the side instead of straight-up through the adhesive part.

Do you feel any better about your life now that you have this information under your belt? Of course not, you’re the same person you were five minutes ago. At least now you can peel your sticky notes without looking like an incompetent buttplug.


Do you like stupid, useless information that isn’t actually useless but is definitely stupid? Then check out this video on how to use ketchup cups correctly.

Yep, I said that right — ketchup cups.

This is what our lives have become.

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