Costco Employee Passing Out Samples Also Serves Customers Hot Takes About The Jews, Free Of Charge

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One of the beautiful things about Costco is how much free stuff you can get there. Employees stand at the end of every aisle, ready to serve you tasty bites of frozen Chinese food or or ice cream bars or smoothies.

Smoothies. This lady is handing out smoothies to show off the wonders of the Vitamix blender, which retails for $299.

Ahhh, the Vitamix. An evolution in design both inside and out, the Vitamix 7500 includes a high-performance motor for quicker and easier processing of dense ingredients, as well as an ultra-responsive Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature for superior precision.

It also, magically, turns whoever is behind it into a Jew-hating, neo-Nazi syllogism spouting, anti-Semite. And this lady working her’s can’t stop giving out piping hot servings of how Hitler did nothing wrong

Free, of course, of charge, because that’s how Costco rolls.

The Bro there was not too pleased to hear his Vitamix saleswoman talk about how Jews need to leave Israel and go back to where they came from (which… is Israel), so he filmed it and reported her to her manager.

That’s because, in the words of Guyism Editor Emeritus and Barstool Sports blogger Chris Spagnulo, who found this gem, “Hating Jews Is Bad :(.”

Hating Jews is bad, but the ability to make smoothies, hot soups, and frozen drinks in a single, compact, 64-ounce container designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets is not.

So I don’t know what you should do. I guess only use your Vitamix in the privacy of your own home, lest you begin uncontrollably screaming “JEWS RUN THE MEDIA” while blending your vichyssoise until velvety smooth.

[Via LiveLeak]

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