Couple Caught Having Sex At McDonald’s Drive-Thru As Workers Watched Them Fornicate

Previously, we’ve featured women who have been naughty at McDonald’s in our “Unabridged History Of Women Being Complete Assholes At The McDonald’s Drive-Thru.” Now another woman and her lover are in some hot water after they were caught having a romantic fling at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

CCTV video captured a 20-minute sexual encounter between Lisa Gray, 28, and her boyfriend Rhys Higgins, 24, around 4:30 a.m. at a McDonald’s in the United Kingdom.

What’s most amazing about this tale is that these two lovebirds fucked in a microscopic Fiat 500. I could barely fit in the car to drive, let alone get the space to lay pipe.

Gray was spotted with her feet hanging out of the driver’s window as she gave a McBlowy to her boyfriend. The car was parked right outside the collection window of the McDonald’s in Wales with employees watched how secret sauce is really made.

Prosecutor Craig Jones detailed the tryst:

“Gray put her hands into Higgins lap just yards away from staff. She received encouragement from Mr Higgins to perform a sex act. She stretched herself onto him and then proceeded to put her legs through the driver’s window to free up more space. Mr Higgins mounted up on top of her and performed a (sex act) on her. Staff who witnessed the incident were left feeling sick and disgusted from what they saw that night.”

Really McEmployees? Seeing two people fuck at the drive-thru is the thing that makes you feel sick and disgusted?

The McDonald’s workers stated that both fuckers were “heavily intoxicated.” When police arrived on the scene they gave Gray a breathalyzer test, and she was just below the legal drink-drive limit.

However there’s a perfectly good explanation for this misunderstanding. Gray’s lawyer, John Hipkin, told the court that “an ashtray had spilled in the footwell of her car – and she bent down to pick up dropped cigarette ends.” I guess his dick just so happened to slip in her mouth when she was tidying up. What a tragic coinkydink.

Gray pleaded guilty to a charge of lewd, obscene and disgusting nature in a public place for swallowing a Quarter Pounder. The two were given 12-months probation, but if they violate it they face four months in jail. They both were ordered to pay $1,000 in court costs. Gray was given a four-month curfew to stay indoors from 9pm to 7am. Higgins must attend an alcohol rehabilitation course.

Judge Paul Thomas QC gave them quite the tongue-lashing (pun intended):

“Your animalistic lust led to two of you to lose any shred of dignity and self-respect. The two of you turned yourself and your car into a human zoo. Your act led to the disgust and horror of staff who had been a matter of feet away from what you were doing. It wasn’t just something that happened in the spur of the moment as it carried on for 20 minutes. You are both now adults in your mid-twenties and you should have grown up by now. You have come very close to losing your liberty.”

C’mon judge have some compassion, you never got some roadhead back in your day?