This Couple Robbed A Bank And Then Posted Photos On Facebook Posing With The Cash, Because They’re Goddamn Morons

Can’t sugarcoat stupidity. Nor should you.

When someone inevitably asks John Mogan and Ashley Duboe the question (both pictured above), “Why did you rob a bank and then post braggadocios photos of yourselves posing with the money on Facebook?” the dynamic duo needs to come clean. They need to say, pointblank, “I’m glad you asked that question, Deborah. And thank you, we think the photos are pretty bodacious as well. To be honest, this is exactly what it looks like. John and I are fucking invalids. Between us, there isn’t even one complete human brain. Oooo a puppy!”


According to the NY Daily News:

John Mogan, 28, and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe, 24, grin with a pile of bills in one photo uncovered by The Smoking Gun blog Thursday. Mogan pretends to eat a stack of money and talk into the dollars like a phone in other photos he apparently posted on his Facebook page.

The pictures, which showed up on social media just days after an Ashville bank got hit last month, helped investigators crack the case, Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff told the Circleville Herald Wednesday.

The pictures are, in one word, MINT. But what’s even better is that Mogan was commenting on them, basically owning up to the crime he committed.

According to The Smoking Gun:

A “selfie” posted August 31 shows Mogan with a wad of bills in his mouth. The image prompted a relative to complain that the flush Mogan “didn’t hook a brother up.” Referring to the loot, Mogan replied, “That’s called a McStack.” He then noted that, “I got six bands bra real shit nigga,” before adding, “I’m doing rrree=aaaaalll) good.”


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