Have You Ever Sold Babies To Sex Traffickers To Buy ‘Clash Of Clans’ Upgrades? No? You’re Better Than These People

When it comes to video games I’m a bit of a traditionalist, meaning I couldn’t give two shits about playing games on my phone and I prefer using a console. Sure it’s more expensive, but nothing makes me happier than going on irrational murder rampages with a shotgun in Fallout: New Vegas. Does Angry Birds let you do that? No, all you get to do is drag your thumb around. Lame. Plus in some games you have to pay for upgrades to make the game experience better, which is complete bullshit. But for this Chinese couple, they thought to themselves “Hey, you know what’s awesome? Paying for stupid upgrades on stupid iPhone games…but we have no money. You know what’s worth money? OUR BABIES.”

“…a young couple in China took things way too far when they sold their two sons to child traffickers and used the proceeds to buy stuff in online games.

The parents in question are A Hui and A Mei (not their full names), a young, unwed couple from China’s post-90s generation. In a television interview on Guangdong TV conducted from a local detention center, they revealed that their first child was not planned, and A Mei said that A Hui had no intention of supporting the child financially.

Instead, to avoid the financial burden, they sold him to Fujian-based child traffickers.”

To be fair, that kid is probably going to have a better life with random perverts than with these two. But wait, this couple didn’t do this just once, but twice.

” But then, A Mei got pregnant again. “[A Hui] likes buying items in online games, and he likes staying out all night at internet cafes,” A Mei told reporters. So many of their collective resources were going into A Hui’s gaming that the two felt, again, that they wouldn’t be able to support the child.

So, once again, they sold him to traffickers.”

Via Games In Asia

Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?