Watch This Crane Flip Into The Ocean After Trying To Pick Up A Boulder Out Of Its Weight Class

Do you bros even know how to construction? Ya me either.

I’ve worked for my dad’s masonry company for many summers in high school and college. I’m kind of a spacey ass dude, so I’ve done some stupid shit. One time I mixed concrete in a wheel barrow and forgot about it and it hardened against the inside of the barrow. My dad called me ‘brain dead’ and it still echoes in my head from time to time. Like it created a complex. Or one time I smoked a blunt with one of my dad’s laborers on the job and was so stoned I smacked my head on the scaffolding, gashing my forehead and my pride. (Shout out to Winston for dank nug, doe.)

But this shit. The stupidity level of a flipping a crane into the ocean because rocks are heavy makes me look like Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor. I choose not to comment on the well-being of the dude operating the crane who went down with it, because the video is not nearly as funny when you realize he’s probably no longer living. Death by heavy machinery certainly isn’t the least badass way to die.

[H/T Barstool]

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