Watch This Idiot Crash A Ferrari Into A Wall While On A Test Drive

by 3 years ago

Ferrari California’s start at $198,973. That’s the price of a house in many parts of America, although it’s certainly not insane for a fine Italian supercar.

If you’re impatient, fast forward the video above to the 3:20 second mark. That’s when the driver loses control of a brand new Ferrari California while accelerating through a turn. He fishtails and slams straight into a wall on a residential street.

It’s important to note that this wasn’t a Ferrari dealership test drive. It was a local “experiential” test drive for tourists in Maranello, Italy (…which is where the Ferrari factory is). You pay money to test drive a Ferrari. You can do the same thing on tracks in Vegas and pretty much anywhere. Hell, I did it just this past fall in the MetLife Stadium parking lot.

Regardless, the look the driver gives the instructor afterwards is priceless. Ya done fucked up, homie. No Ferrari for you, even if you win Powerball tonight.



Hope they have good insurance!


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