The World’s Craziest Cheese Food Festival Just Went Down In California

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We can all agree that cheese makes *everything* in life just a little bit better? Good. Glad we’re on the same page. This past weekend the center of the cheese universe was Santa Ana, California, where over 50 local Southern California specialty restaurants showed off various melted culinary creations at Foodbeast’s second annual #Oozefest.  It kind of reminds me of the night I stayed up til 3AM drinking beers and stuffing mac and cheese in bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers #forthestory. Except the people at Oozefest this past weekend are gastronomic professionals and way better at Instagram than I ever will be.

As a person who lives to devour delicious cheese in all shapes and forms (sometimes I just buy a block of Pepper Jack Cabot to see what I can melt it on), I FOMO’d hard at the amazing ‘grams of Oozefest 2016. Here are some of the most ridiculous creations from the gluttonous cheesy beast feast, from unicorn grilled cheese to pizza nachos to Queso Fundido chorizo brioche donuts, which sounds like a new strain of gas station horny goat weed dick pills.

Cheesy Lobster Clam Chowder Taquitos from SLAPFISH Modern Seafood Shack

Unicorn Grilled Cheese by Chomp Eatery

Oozefest was a success! Cheese is our new favorite food group 😋

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Vampire Dip from Slater’s 50/50 


The B.A.M.F from Bruxie Waffles

“Bacon mac n’ cheese to our perfectly fried chicken and waffle sandwich, but instead of just stopping there, we combined that with melted cheddar, swiss, and a special buffalo cheese sauce!”


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