8 Of The Most Batshit Crazy Things That The Nazis Actually Believed

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crazy things nazis believed


We all know that the Nazis had some, uh, questionable ideas and beliefs. But what you might not know is that while they were all genocidal racists, they were also in many ways ridiculous idiots. Yes, some of the crazy shit that they believed was so absurd, so goddamn sad, that it’s hard to believe that they made it as far as they did.

And so the next time someone has the audacity to say something like, “Well, Hitler had some good ideas. He just took it too far,” (and you’d be surprised how many people actually think this way) let them know, that no, no he didn’t.

The Earth Is Hollow

A German pilot, Peter Bender, seized on early crackpot theories to determine that not only is the Earth hollow, but that we are actually living inside of it, along with the sun, the moon and everything else and that this hollow Earth is surrounded by nothing but solid rock. Yeah.

Amazingly, the Nazis backed Bender’s theory because, deep down, they were fucking idiots. Of course, after a 1942 experiment concluded that Bender was a dumbass, the Nazis realized their mistake and did what Nazis do: they sent Bender to a concentration camp, where he died.

The World Ice Theory

Once the Nazis realized that Bender’s Hollow Earth was an embarrassing bunch of bullshit, they settled down and… oh wait, they actually decided that the whole universe was made of ice. Sigh.

The whole thing is completely ridiculous, but basically the theory goes that the whole universe is made of ice and all these various ice-balls turn into planets and moons sometimes which are all destined to crash into the sun, and oh yeah, the Earth once had several moons, all of which eventually crashed into Earth because that wouldn’t be a big deal at all.

This World Ice theory was the brainchild of an Austrian named Hanns Hörbiger, and was quickly adopted by the Nazis to replace Bender’s failed theory. The best part is that Hörbiger developed the theory not through, you know, science, but through a vision. Yes, Nazi cosmology was based on a dream some dude had.

So why did the Nazis keep coming up with crazy bullshit to explain away the universe in a time when science pretty much had that shit figured out? Well, you have to remember who the most famous physicist of the day happened to be: Albert Einstein, who was Jewish. That’s how much Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews.

There Were Once Multiple Suns And Giants

According to Karl Maria Wiligut, who was Nazi bigshot Heinrich Himmler’s personal mystic (yeah…), Germanic culture could be traced back to 228,000 BC and that back in the day there were three suns, giants and dwarfs roamed the land and that the various suns all had to duke it out for dominance, until finally, the “new” sun, the one we know and love today, came out on top. Again, this was Himmler’s spiritual adviser and Himmler was arguably the most influential Nazi of them all. Other than, you know, that one guy with the mustache.

The German People Came From Atlantis

But Wiligut wasn’t alone in his crazy fantasies, as the influential Thule society, who helped get the Nazis going in the first place, believed that the German people came from Thule, a lost land somewhere near Iceland.

Others took this a step further and believed that before they came to Thule, the Germans were originally inhabitants of… wait for it… yes, Atlantis. Basically, the Nazis positioned themselves as the inheritors of Atlantis and were thus better and more enlightened than other people.

Once the Germans split from Atlantis, they also fanned out and, according to the Nazis, evidence of their cultural dominance could be found in ancient artifacts in both the Tibet and the Andes of South America. And, oh yeah, the Ancient Greeks were also from Atlantis and, thus, German. Hey, why not?

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