Watch The World’s Most Inept Criminal Screw Up A Robbery Because His Pants Keep Falling Down

You would think that when it comes time to rob a store your main concerns would be stuff like whether or not you have enough bullets in your gun, the CCTV cameras, who’s in the store when you’re planning on robbing it, etc. The basics, right? One guy had all of that down, the only thing that messed up his heist? His lack of a belt to keep his pants from falling.

A robber’s trousers slipped down and he dropped a handful of cash during a ‘comedy of errors’ raid.

The machete-wielding man also tripped over causing his hood to come off and partially reveal his face when he targeted a newsagents in south Manchester…

The armed thug burst into the store wearing a fancy dress or Halloween-type mask described as being green or yellow. He was carrying an eight-inch machete with an orange handle. The offender approached the cashier and demanded cash, before going round the counter and it from the till.

But as the thief carried out his raid, his trousers repeatedly slipped down, revealing his underwear. As he tried to run off, he tripped over and dropped all the cash and the knife.

He then spent the next minute trying to gather the cash from off the floor and stuff it back into his pockets and trousers, at which point his hood fell off revealing his ethnicity and shaved head.

Via Manchester Evening News

I was getting worried that I wouldn’t have any stupid criminals to write about today, so I personally owe this guy a huge “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart. Check out the video camera footage below:

[H/T Manchester Evening News]