Criminals Steal 30,000 Condoms From A Las Vegas Warehouse In Most Ironic Heist Of All Time

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A three pack of condoms cost around $6, which is a ridiculous price to pay to voluntarily take all the sensation out of sex. No one wants to buy condoms, as they are the world’s literal biggest cock block. Plus, if you add the condom price on top of the price you’re already paying for sex, the total is just too substantial for most budgets.

But, gotta wear ’em. You know that. I know that.

The next time you’re in the market for condoms, please don’t go to CVS or your father’s top drawer, give these horny thieves a call who robbed the warehouse of a Swedish sex toy company over the Memorial Day weekend. Not once but twice.

According to CNN, in the first theft on Friday night, the dudes broke in and stole boxes containing 30,000 condoms. Breaking the law to be safe. Ah, the irony. On Saturday morning, thieves returned and rammed a vehicle through a delivery door. This time they grabbed boxes containing $15,000 worth of sex toys.

A blog post written by sex toy company Lelo posed a simple question: “What kind of party are these people having? We could have done the sponsorship or something.”

In any event, the break-ins were captured on surveillance video, which Solvo said he gave to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
Drop the case. The cost of the condoms does not compare to the cost of thousands of criminal kids on the state.
P.S. The irony of dudes breaking the law to be safe is mind-bending.
[h/t CNN]

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