Enormous Crocodile Tries To Fight Entire Herd Of Elephants, Grabs Trunk, Craziness Goes Down

Crocodile vs Elephant Fight

YouTube / Alexander Makanga

I’ve said this a hundred times before here on BroBible and I’ll say it again today: nature is metal as fuck. If you’re an animal, you can be out there just enjoying your leisurely day at the water hole, living life without any cares in the world, and the next instant you’re fighting for your life with a thousand pound crocodile latched onto your trunk.

This clip is all sorts of hyphy. It jumps right into the action with a fucking gigantic crocodile attempting to take on a herd of elephants all by itself. In the ensuing kerfuffle the crocodile sinks its teeth into the trunk of an elephant and holds on for quite some time as the elephant gets loud and the herd goes wild. Just another day in the jungle? Nah, this is a rare sight to behold:

Here’s a full, unedited version of that clip if you’d rather watch it without all the text or music:

I don’t know enough about the trunk of an elephant to wager a guess if that elephant walked out of there okay. I’m guessing that elephant will be able to drink water again soon, but it might be pretty bruised up and scarred that day.


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What I found interesting about this interaction is how predictably the elephants react to the crocodile attack. When the croc leaps up and bites the large elephant out front the herd converges around the baby elephants to protect them in case there are other threats in the area, leaving the elephant to momentarily fight its own battle. Once they’ve assessed the situation and are certain the babies are safe they then come to the aid of their brother locked in battle with the croc…This is how elephants are supposed to react. They protect the babies and then the herd. It’s remarkable.

(H/T ABC News)

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