You’re Gonna Wanna Live Alone After Hearing How This Bro’s Roommate Used All The Cups In The House As Sex Toys



Roommates, man, they’re … frequently tolerable. I’ve been living with a wide variety since college and never had any that were too problematic. One recent one from Craigslist would steal my comforter without asking and never bought beer, but all in all, I’ve had a pretty good run.

Nothing traumatic.

One thing that does bother me is when my roommates use my cups. I have specific glasses I like to drink out of, and if I have to go into their room to grab them off their desk and soap them down, I’ll be a little irked. Nothing major, but I want to drink whiskey from my whiskey glass. Not some other glass.

Thankfully, when I’ve gone and gotten my glasses from their rooms, which isn’t often, I haven’t found that they’ve turned my favorite drinking glass into their own personal fuck town.

That was not the experience of redditor igotthejack, who went to go fetch some missing cups.

What he found will make you never want to drink from shared glassware again.


How, how, how could you ever drink a single thing out of any of the cups in the place? I’d rather burn the house down and live on the street. Imagine your next glass of milk.

Roomie jizz, man. It really is the worst.

And even if you did clean them, the sponges you’d used would have been on his dick.

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