Today In Curt Schilling: Curt Shares ‘Hillary Clinton Is A Murderer Meme,’ Remains Unemployed

curt schilling



Curt Schilling doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. Curt Schilling is the kind of dude who snorts cocaine at your young child’s birthday party and tells your wife she has a nice ass while she’s cutting the cake. The dude probably won’t even bring a gift. #bankruptcy problems.

After being canned by ESPN for posting an anti-transgender meme that was simply the straw that broke Schilling’s back, the three-time World Series champion  went scorched earth on ESPN and its personalities, really drilling home the what we already knew: the dude has screws loose and threw away the screwdriver.

This became even more evident when he shared yet other controversial meme on Facebook that should keep him on the unemployment line for at least another few months.

curt schilling

Poor Hillary will never be able to outrun Benghazi.

I imagine Curt shared while at home, jobless, and after masturbating till his dick stung. The phone without arms reach in case Fox Sports decides to extend him a gig, but with each waning hour of silence, Schilling becomes more and more upset–projecting this on transgender people and poor old Hillary. This is just the beginning folks. Buckle up.

[h/t Deadspin]