Bar Owner On Trial For Manslaughter After Customer Who Drank 56 Shots Drops Dead Of Heart Attack

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My record for shots drank is 12. Shortly after texting every girl in my phone with my newfound liquid confidence, I retreated to the bathroom where I puked out everything but my vital organs. Even that orange-juice looking bile shit that you can feel eroding the inside of your mouth was purged. I spent the entire next day in bed spitting up into my laundry basket.

That’s why I was absolutely flabbergasted to learn that a 57-year-old man strolled into Le Starter, a bar in Clermont-Ferrand, central France to drink an ungodly amount of alcohol.

The pub had a “Leader Board” sign above the bar indicating the most number of shots taken by a patron: 55. I see that as a problem, but one man saw it as a challenge.

The customer began pounding alcohol (which type is unknown), and after he finished his 44th shot, the bar owner began encouraging the man to beat the record: “just 12 more to go!” he said.

The man powered through, completing the 56 shot challenge and was carried home by his daughter and friends.

He died of a heart attack the next day.

Antoine Portal, the lawyer of the slain man’s daughter said before the trial,

“It is not known whether he would still be alive if he had not drunk the last 12 shots. But it was a case of inciting someone to consume.”

Renaud Portejoie, the bar owner’s layer conceded that the bars drink ‘Leader Board’ was a “mistake” but added,

“No one forced him to take on the challenge. Customers are responsible for themselves.”

According to Express UK, France is undergoing a severe spike in binge drinking and health chiefs claim that young people are copying British culture. And BroBible culture.

[H/T Express UK]

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